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Whole30 Challenge - Day 2

The night before I started I went grocery shopping and I bought some "healthy" items that I have now learned aren't allowed....like edamame, hummus, and Greek yogurt. 

The biggest challenge is my morning coffee! I drink froofroo coffee with all of the creams and syrups and stuff that makes it good! No more, I have to adjust because you can't have sugar or artificial sugar! Wow! This will be a tuff one for me. But I am determined and it's only 30 days! I really want to see if it has an effect on my health. Is this wierd but I feel warmer or is that just because it's humid outside? Not sure. My daughter says that my skin is glowing - can change happen that fast? It hasn't even been 2 days!! LOL

Dinner last night was salmon and broccoli. Breakfast this morning was egg, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and some strawberries. NO CREAM IN MY COFFEE. 

If you would like to join me in this challenge, here is more information:


This is my picture from Day 1, getting ready for dance class and feeling good. 

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