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5 Hobbies Women Find Sexy

From The Men's Magazines

Women love these hobbies according to the Men's Magazines. So I thought I'd check it out. My #1 thing I find sexy on this list is FIXING things, like cars, home inprovement, etc! I'm a creative person, don't so good at fixing things so, this really is a turn on! I'd say volunteering would be #2, I've never actually meet a guy that does this, but I think it goes with being kind to people, which I think is sexy. I was trying to think of hobbies that I would think are sexy...I think having a hobby other than sitting in a bar drinking, doing anything constructive is sexy. In college, I dated a guy who built models of Star Trek Ships, sounds nerdy, I thought it was awesome, he'd work on his model and I'd work on my artwork or practice my violin: it was great. I also think that guys that camp, hike or do anything in the outdoors (that we can do together)  are pretty sexy,

Playing Mr. Fix It

A tool belt, a hammer and an “I can fix anything” attitude are throwbacks to the armor-wielding knights women read about in childhood fairytales. A man who is willing to get his hands dirty and either tear something down or create something is definitely attractive. Not only can he fix the broken pipe under the sink and clean out the gutters to save some cash, he wants to take care of things and make them better by using his brain and his brawn. Can’t blame a guy for trying to improve his surroundings.


Anyone who donates his time and resources for the sake of others comes off as a selfless person. Whether he is a Big Brother, a kind sir who plays a hand of pinochle at the nursing home every week or a noble laborer raising roofs for the homeless, this guy is out to make the world a better place by doing what he can. Take a cue from Hollywood hunks who contribute their time to benefit the world around them, such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and U2 frontman Bono.

Participating in Sports

Unlike guys who watch the the game with buddies while throwing popcorn at the screen, active men who are out on the field sweating it out are sexy. Being athletic is an obvious physique builder, but it also enhances and displays a guy’s true character. Playing sports exhibits his dedication to a goal, how fierce a competitor he is and how well he interacts with others. Not to mention that commitment to a 5 a.m. run or a weekly scrimmage denotes a sexy devotion to health and, therefore, happiness.

Risking it All

Racing through the desert on a dirt bike, cliff jumping, skydiving and rock climbing are awe-inspiring hobbies that blend the element of danger with the tough-guy “I’m not scared” stance. These adrenaline adventures are really technical feats, for which the daredevil must study and learn about techniques, physics and human survival.

Whether it’s Tom Cruise, who insists on performing his own stunts, Johnny Knoxville, who abandons safety measures with glee, or David Blaine, who tests his body and mind against the unthinkable, danger is downright sexy.

Playing an Instrument or Rockin’ the Mike

Not only does it take dedication, commitment and talent to play an instrument or belt out a jam, it also takes a lot of bravado. Many women find men who can wield an instrument magnetically attractive. Whether it’s the long-haired wailer, the smooth crooner or the acoustic artsy type, a musician has the ability to lure female fans like a snake charmer.

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