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Ellen DeGeneres Slams United Airlines


Ellen DeGeneres is the latest celebrity to slam United Airlines. In case you somehow missed it, the airline has a PR nightmare on their hands after a passenger was forcibly and aggressively removed from an overbooked flight. 

Jokes aside, Ellen says the solution is simple. "The biggest problem was the way United handled it. They had a computer pick a random person and just took them off the plane. That seems like a bad policy,” she explains. "Here’s a better policy: Don’t overbook your flight.”

Ellen goes on to connect United's latest flub to when they turned two girls away last month for wearing leggings. "United said yoga pants aren’t appropriate for flying, which is crazy because I’ve seen more yoga pants at airports than I’ve seen in yoga classes,” she points out. "I think United didn’t want people to wear yoga pants because there’s nothing to grab when you’re yanking someone to pull them out. There’s nothing to hold onto. I took it too far. I told the truth."

It's worth noting, however, that in this case, the flight wasn't overbooked at all - airline reps simply gave that as the initial explanation of why they needed volunteers to give up their seats.

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