Jason Aldean Never Plans Acceptance Speeches for Award Shows

Jason Aldean called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his ACM Award Nomination for Entertainer of The Year, why he loves the beach so much and reveals if he’s working on a new album.  

Aldean is no stranger to winning at the ACM Awards. In 2006, he got his first award ever when he won New Artist of The Year. A few years later he won Male Vocalist of The Year. Over the years he had been nominated for the biggest award of the night, Entertainer of The Year, a few times, but never won it so he started to think maybe it wasn’t in the cards for him. Then he was crowned The ACM Awards Entertainer of The Year for three years in a row!  

When he accepts an award, he never has a speech planned and thinks it’s weird when people have their speech written out because it’s like they knew they were going to win. He said he just shoots from the hip and tries to remember to thank as many people as possible, but every time he’s always forgotten a few. Aldean will play his new song “Tough Crowd” at the award show tonight and said those performances are always the hardest. You don’t get any time to warm up and are expected to just start playing and put on a really energetic performance. There is also a lot of pressure because you only get one shot to play it perfectly and then it’s done. Aldean’s new song “Tough Crowd” is a love letter to his fans for always sticking by him and continuing to support his career. He is about 90% done with a new album and is excited to release new music soon! 

Aldean and his family recently moved into a new house, and he said each room has its own theme. He has a man cave with a display of all his awards that he likes to look at sometimes because he’s proud of all he’s achieved. Each award also brings up memories of what a cool night it was. When he’s not touring, he loves to be at the beach. It’s his happy place to escape and get away from music and relax and enjoy time with family. For him, it’s a mentally good place to go.

You can watch the ACM Awards tonight (May 11) at 8pm ET on Amazon Prime.  

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