Bobby Says He Won't Tell Anyone About Proposing When It's That Time

Bobby Bones and his girlfriend Caitlin have been together for almost a year now and the two of them are living together in Nashville.

While Bones hasn't opened up much more about his future with Caitlin, he does make statements during The Bobby Bones Show that imply some things. On today's show (July 29), Bones was talking about Demi Lovato's recent engagement and her massive engagement ring. He shared that when it's time for him to propose in his future, he won't be telling anyone about anything. He said that he wouldn't even ask for help on the engagement ring from anyone because he wouldn't want his secret to get out. He says that people often slip up on things like that and it's just not worth it to tell anyone or ask for help.

He also noted that he would probably spend a lot of money on an engagement ring so that his future fiancé would definitely be getting a good ring no matter what.