Tanya Rad: I Want to Run a Half Marathon - But I'm Scared!

Tanya Rad here! I want to run the Nike LA half marathon - but I'm scared! Like I shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie, I do run daily, but I only run like 4 miles a day ...

4 miles to 13 miles seems like a big leap! That said, I want to challenge myself and do something that I don’t think I physically can in 2020.

The run starts in downtown LA and is, yes, 13 miles! Although you can of course take breaks and walk, I'm still intimidated so I'm trying to recruit a partner-in-crime! My neighbor, Erin, might also do it too in which case we will train together and be ready by April.

What are some of your training tips? Have you ever done a marathon? Sound off on social @TanyaRad.


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