Officials Identify Kansas City Bar Shooting Suspect


Authorities have released the identity of the suspected shooter who opened fire on a crowd of people outside of a club in Kansas City. Two people, including the suspect, were killed and 15 people were injured in the attack. Police said that the suspect was 29-year-old Jahron Swift, and the victim was 25-year-old Raeven Park.

A bouncer at the club told KSHB-TV that he saw Swift getting into a fight in the parking lot.

"They pushed him down, he got up, he got slammed into a whole other vehicle that was in front of me," the bouncer told the news station. "Then once he got slammed, he ran past my truck and said, 'Bet.'"

The bouncer said that Swift went to his car and came back with a handgun. He was stopped by security at the door and tried to open fire, but his gun jammed. Swift then went back to his car and came back armed with a rifle. He started shooting into the crowd, and an armed member of the club's security team engaged Swift and killed him.

When the officers arrived, the shooting had stopped, and Swift was dead in the parking lot. Kansas City police Chief Richard Smith credited the security guard for saving lives.

"The security guard is the one who engaged the suspect," Smith said. "The security guard was inside the club and heard commotion. We don't even know at this time whether the security guard understood what was going on outside. We know that there were multiple firearms involved, so we think the security guard's actions definitely saved lives."

Investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting and are unsure if Swift was just shooting at random or if he was targeting specific people at the club.


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