Keith Urban Endorses Miley Cyrus’ Album

Miley Cyrus has a superstar super fan. Who is it? Keith Urban.

Keith recently shared with Cody Alan that Miley’s new album, ‘She Is Miley Cyrus’ is his current ear candy.

Keith, who is unapologetically a fan of all music, has been recently devouring Miley’s record track by track.

“I love Miley Cyrus’ new record,” shared the “We Were” singer. “It’s so crazy. It is its own thing! I can’t label it, which always suits me! I love when I can’t figure out what’s going on. There’s no genre. It’s got its own sound, its own structure. I really like it.”

Keith recently pleased fans with a doozy of a video for his latest single, “We Were.” The video was shot in one take, with one camera, making it a rare form film. You can see it for yourself below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.