16 Female Country Stars Who Rally On 'Challenge Accepted' Viral Campaign

The viral 'Challenge Accepted' social war cry is 2020's most beautiful moment of the year.

If you're on Instagram, you have seen the flood of black and white photos encouraging female empowerment. Frankly, the opaque beauty pared with positive captions is irresistible, and our hearts are overflowing while we scroll and witness women supporting women.

The viral campaign is an avenue for women to show off their sincere appreciation for the women in their lives who inspire, encourage, and empower each other.

Ladies both famous and not-so-famous are posting striking selfies with positive affirmations about the importance of supporting and inspiring other women, and they're nominating other women to do the same on their own Instagram accounts.

Check out the gallery below to see 16 powerhouse female country stars lock arms to show off striking selfies, and applaud the other fierce females in their life.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Instagram.