Have arguments increased with COVID-19 Quarantines?

What are couples fighting about while in quarantine and does it surprise you? A survey of engaged and married couples listed the top four topics of disagreement. They are:.

  • ·Frequency of romps and romance in the bedroom
  • ·What available money and most recently the stimulus money should be spent on
  • ·How much more time one of them is on the computer or phone more than they are
  • ·Who ate the last of the favorite snack item

So essentially.. Coronavirus hasn’t changed disagreement topics at home, but because of the quarantine, couples are finding the things they argued about before have now escalated into much more verbal fighting becasue they can't leave. I have a little advice for the engaged and married couples .. I’ve been married almost 29 years. There are no fighting or arguments about that kind of stuff in my house and while I will admit I might bitch to my friends occasionally, as most men do about things their spouses do or don’t do,let's be clear about one thing: I call the shots in our household ..I’m the man…and I do whatever I want, when I want and for as long as I want ….............................(whispering now) as long as she's ok with it. Except on Sundays during football season..believe me I've paid handsomely for that allowance of my time over the years. You see My Dad, who always shared nuggets of wisdom, told me when I was around 8 after my mother had given birth to my youngest brother, the last of 4 kids. "If your Mom is not happy.. no one is going to be happy" Until I started to buy into that concept after I had been married a few years and had a couple kids..life was much more challenging.So guys suck it up and make your life more harmonious. Do what she wants and let her at least think she’s in charge and life will be much easier for you in the long run.. the residual benefits usually outweigh the consequences.