The Game of Life - closer to reality than you think.

We dug out some board games over the weekend. I think we might be in the running for having the most board games for one family in the city. We have several closets full and that's after getting rid of many of the games we had for the kids when they were really young. We did keep some of the classics like Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Battleship, Yatzee, and Life. All of which have stood the test of time and the kids still enjoy playing. We decided to play the Game of Life. I went to college and actually finished this time with a teaching degree. Fortunately for me you get to choose your salary from 3 cards and was paid double what most teachers are getting these days. That helped me weather landing on some really bad squares which tend to deplete your money in the game. I also ended up having 6 children landing on almost every spot where you could have a baby in the game. They should update the game and let you buy birth control or have a surgery or at the very least, turn them in at the end of the game for cash. It was a good learning exercise for youngest teaching him that you should buy insurance early to keep from paying exponentially more later in life and also not to gamble on the stock market. A risky endevour in the game if you pick the wrong number. We finished the game and I did not win, but managed to retire with over 1 million dollars. Wouldn't that be nice. Too bad its only a game. Here's a snap of my overloaded car in the game and that was before the last kid. New updated version needs to get a mini-van or SUV that seats 8.