How to know if you've found the right guy

My daughter Jasmine is getting to the age where she's starting to look for the future and the prospects out there for a husband down the road. IMO, no one that has been sniffin around is marriage material yet and she's never going to find anyone that loves her more than Daddy. I'm very protective and still worry about the guys out there. I remember what I was like in my 20's. and things are far more liberal these days. As she gets ready to head off to Florida for a summer internship before her final 2 years of college, I thought I'd give her an edited list I found in one of the women's magazines at the dentist office. 'Ways you know you've found the right one'.. BTW, do not show this list to my wife or she might start second guessing her decision 28 years ago. I put marks by ones where I don't measure up These are in no particular order. How many can you check off for your man?

He wants to hold your hand in public.

He contacts you. Every single day.

You want to stop watching the bachelor and hang with him. **

He lets you listen to your choice of music in the car.**

You are finally not embarrassed to eat messy food in front of him.

You feel that you can truly trust him.

You feel OK introducing him to your friends and you don't need to say anything about it.

He is cool with watching anything you want to watch on TV.**

He is not afraid to be seen in public with you.

He enjoys going on adventures with you.

He doesn't flirt with your Mom

He doesn't have wandering eyes when you are out in public.**

You are not afraid to be seen by him when you are not in your “prime”, no makeup, messy hair, etc

When you are ready to introduce him to your family.

When he finally realizes you will always love your dog more than you can ever love him.**

You realize want the same things.**

You let him see you cry.

When he lets you bitch on the phone for an hour about someone at work.

You can ACTUALLY just sleep together without any monkey business**

He is not afraid to tell his friends he is not going out with them tonight, he is going out with his favorite gal.**

You can’t keep your hands off of him.*

You have this dumb smile on your face during the middle of the day for no reason other than he came across your mind

Dad actually like the guy and can have a conversation with him.

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