Brain Food...Is It The News...Or Not?

Which is true? 

The Headlines: 

  • Woman In Brazil Faces Backlash After Letting 7-Year-Old Get Nose Job (FAKE) 
  • Man Breaks World Record Jumping Off Skyscraper, Landing On 47 Mattresses (FAKE) 
  • Poll Finds Surprising Amount Of Men Sit To Tinkle (REAL

There’s a lot less sprinkling while tinkling than researchers originally thought. A new poll that surveyed men from 13 different countries finds there are way more men who sit for a whizz than most people think. The data shows that 34% of Italian men, 50% of Swedish men, and 24% of British men all prefer to sit when having a tinkle. And what’s more, even though only 28% of 18–34-year-olds in Germany admit to sitting, a whopping 49% of 55+ men in Germany prefer to pop a squat for a wee. But the leader in the clubhouse goes to Japanese men, where 70% say sitting is the way to “go”.

Nude Picture, Man sitting on toilet bowl in the toilet, constipation concept.

Photo: Getty Images

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