The SMART mask has arrived!

You knew it was coming! The Smart Mask has arrived!

Not only does it protect you from the corona-virus, but it also can make phone calls and even translate your speech into 8 different languages!

Japanese tech company Donut Robotics has created C-FACE Smart Mask. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the wearer’s cell phone and an installed app then translates their speech. For now, the mask can translate from Japanese into English, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. The mask and app can even translate speech into text messages in a variety of languages -- and even make calls. The C-FACE Smart Mask is expected to be released for sale in Japan starting in September at about $40 each. Donut Robotics is planning to expand sales after the first 5,000 are sold to China, Europe, and eventually the U.S. (Travel & Leisure)