Lee Brice Drops Fifth Album 'Hey World'

Lee Brice has officially dropped his new album: Hey World.

Hey World follows Brice's 2017 self-titled project, and showcases 15 songs including his no. 1 song "One Of Them Girls," and features from artists Carly Pearce and Blessing Offor. In a recent interview with CMT.com, Lee explained of making a new album during a global pandemic:

"About half of it was already done. And then for the rest of it, I had to go back to the old Lee Brice: the kid who learned how to set up his own mics and preamps and run the computer and sing. All at the same time, just sitting at my computer alone. But I loved it. That was very freeing."

Over the last few weeks, Lee has been sharing snippets of his Hey World songs with fans on Instagram, and talked a little about each song. He described "Save the Roses" as "a very personal moment for me and my family," and of "Soul," he explained, "Some songs just make you feel good, and that's exactly what this song did when it came across my plate."

There are also a few songs on Hey World for his family. "Do Not Disturb" is for he and his wife, as explained, "This is a moment for my wife and I to get away from the kids, get away from the house, and have us some 'us' time. This is me kinda bringing out my John Mayer parts of me that I really love, I'm a fan of his."

"Don't Need No Reason" is also for his wife, and he said of the inspiration for track, "I thought I was maybe gonna give a message to my wife one morning on social media, and then I thought, 'how am I gonna say it?' And so, I don't need a reason, it's not Christmas, it ain't your birthday. This just came out special, it's just too good to be a text or Instagram post, it had to be a song."

Check out some of Lee Brice's Hey World songs below:

Hey World Track List:

  1. "Atta Boy"
  2. "One of Them Girls"
  3. "More Beer"
  4. "Memory I Don't Mess With"
  5. "Save The Roses"
  6. "Good Ol' Boys"
  7. "Don't Need No Reason"
  8. "Do Not Disturb"
  9. "Soul"
  10. "Sons and Daughters"
  11. "Country Knows"
  12. "Lies"
  13. "If You"
  14. "I Hope You're Happy Now (with Carly Pearce)"
  15. "Hey World" (featuring Blessing Offor)

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