Vegan Calls Police After Friends' Prank Tricks Her Into Eating Chicken

Most vegans are pretty firm in their food choices and often times, meat-eating folk are not very tolerable of their lifestyles. Typically those opinions only come out in conversations or debates, but one vegan's friends took their feelings to a whole other level and now they are in trouble with the law.

The 24-year-old vegan explained everything that went down in a Reddit post, where she first described how she's been a steadfast vegan for a decade and a vegetarian since she was three, when she learned where meat came from. She said that everyone in her life seemed to respect that but at a recent party she got "white girl wasted" and her friends felt it would be funny to feed her a chicken nugget as a prank.

Asian girl eating fried chicken, Nugget

They told her the nugget was Sunfed, a brand of meatless foods, so she ate it, noting the strange taste but writing it off to her drunken state. The next day, she saw her buddies' Snapchat stories where they posted a video that showed the chicken nugget packaging and then showed her eating one. They also uploaded a clip of themselves mocking what they figured her reaction would be when she finds out what she ingested.

The vegan took a screen recording of it all and went to the police, charging her now ex-friends with food tampering. Those former pals are now facing charges and think that she overreacted to a "harmless prank." The vegan asked Reddit if they agreed and many commenters felt she did the right thing. Plenty wrote things like "As a chef, you never f**k with someone's food. Ever." and "Don't mess with someone's food!" Others pointed out how the friends not only fed her chicken but they made fun of her too.

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