Teenage Girl Kidnapped While Attempting To Trap Accused Pedophile

A 32-year-old man is under arrest after he allegedly kidnapped a 17-year-old girl. Police say the teenage girl and her friends set up a sting operation to entrap the man so they could get proof he was trying to hook up with underage girls.

The girls contacted the man, identified as Robert Dreyfus, on social media and after exchanging messages arranged for an in-person meeting. They planned to detail their encounter with Dreyfus so they could turn over their evidence to the police.

When the girls arrived, one of them got into his car but he sped away while she was in the passenger seat. The girl messaged her friends, who called 911. Police managed to locate Dreyfus and pulled him over. He let the girl out and was taken into custody without incident.

Dreyfus was taken to jail and booked on suspicion of kidnapping, sending harmful matter to a minor and communication with a minor with intent to commit a felony. Authorities say the girls' sting operation could make prosecuting him more difficult and warned people that they should not try to take the law into their own hands.