Life happens and you want to live it. Food is such an integral part to celebrations, socializing and connecting to family and friends. I've been on the HCG diet with New Leaf Wellness - 319-855-7677. I've been losing weight consistantly and safely. I love it! I consider the HCG diet a learning tool on how to eat healthy. All through the week, I try to make the healthiest choices that I can, but I'm not perfect. I do allow myself to cheat. I think it helps me to know that I can eat foods that aren't really on the diet. What I do is ENJOY THEM TO THE FULLEST and then it's right back to eating clean and healthy. I don't consider this to be slips or bad ~ It's just life. If you try to do this perfectly...I think it wouldn't be fun or pleasurable! You gotta live your life. Will I have an occasional drink or dessert....heck yeah! What I really love is that some of the foods on the plan are actually treats for shrimp! or Scallops...I don't regularily get these, so when I do, it's a treat I enjoy! I'm enjoying trying new things and new recipes as well. I encourage you to call them for a free will find them to be so helpful and encouraging! We all love success!