I'm setting my goals and it feels great! I have a great plan, a great diet and I'm ready for success! I went to weigh in and get measured this morning at New Leaf Wellness. You can get a free consultation by calling them! 319-855-7677.

The scale went down. My philosophy is that if the scale goes down, it is a success! Since I started at New Leaf I've lost 3.5 inches off my high waist, 3 inches off my low waist and 3.75 off of my hips! I'm estatic! I want my clothes to fit better and I'm starting to see that now. This is awesome.

Last night, we got the grill out and I did turkey burgers, some grilled veggies. I have a horrible sweet tooth, so I grilled some apples sprinkled with cinnamon and grilled in grape seed oil...then I covered them with caramel dip...it's Walden Farms, 0 CALORIES! Tastes great - you can get it a HyVee in the health food section. I love all of their products.

I also did my walk. It was a beautiful walk. The weather was perfect. I find being out in nature to be very healing, even if it's just around my neighborhood. I notice all of the pretty flowers and trees. Being in the radio studio all day, I don't get sunlight or fresh air. Walking is perfect for me.