Think your online Prince Charming is too good to be true? Maybe. A recent study discovered that 80 percent of people lied about their height, weight, or age on their dating profiles. And, that ain’t all he’s hiding. Here are 7 things to look out for.

1. His Job- Most men have a tendency to make their titles or responsibilities a little loftier than they are to impress a gal. Don’t ask about his salary, that’s just tacky, but it’s safe to ask his title and if his company consist of more than him and his cat

2. His Intention- Just because he’s on a dating site doesn’t mean he's looking for a long-term relationship. Clue: If he’s on Tinder he’s probably just trying to “get some.” But, hey, maybe he could end up wanting to date you. Stranger things have happened.

3. His Height- Guys usually say they are two inches taller than they actually are, and who’s gonna measure him on the first date? If you really care, sneak a peek at his driver’s license. Just be sure he isn’t looking.

4. His Weight- Men will post photos of themselves from when they are looking their physical best. So if you show up on the first date and the guy is looking a few pounds overweight, don't be shocked. Like you really look like your profile pic!

5. His Worldliness- He may say he loves to travel but that doesn't mean he's ever left the United States. Don't assume anything based on the guy's hobbies or interests; just like his job description it is likely made to sound better than it actually is.

6. His Relationship Status- “Single” can mean anything from "haven't had a girlfriend in five years and looking for sex" to "divorced and depressed.” There are men who are going through a break-up (but not quite over their ex) and are on these sites because it seems innocent enough, but they are nowhere near emotionally available.

7. His Age- More than likely he's older than he says he is. If you're in your early twenties and a man says he's 29 there's a chance he might actually be a 35 year-old. ‘Cause he thinks you won’t date a guy 10 years older than you. Try shooting for a little older than you think they are, and just hope that Father Time doesn’t show up with flowers.