Lately when I wake up, I'm excited to get on my scale. This morning it showed a loss in weight! It makes me feel happy that I'm reaching for my goals and achieving them. I haven't been able to get off that last 20 pounds. Let's face it, the lower you go, the harder it is! I pretty much had given up, but it's working now with the HCG diet! I'm loving it!

So what am I eating? Mostly clean, unprocessed and healthy foods. I made turkey tacos last night. One of my co-workers brought in garden veggies, so did and awesome salsa too! I love fruit, so I have that everyday.

I also went for a walk last night. I love walking, because it relieves stress and gives me time to think too.

This diet - way of life,  does require a bit of planning for me. I carry my lunches to work. I'm starting to get the hang of it down.

If you'd like to get off the diet merry-go round - call New Leaf like I did - get a free consultation today - 319-855-7677. Good luck, you don't have to live your life unhappy or unhealthy, you can make positive choices too!