The Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade Rolls Again! June 8-11 2014




I'll be fiddlin' at the  15th Annual WMT Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade.  Organizers expect 470 participating tractors on the ride this year, with hundreds of others supporting those drivers.


            For those not familiar with the Tractorcade, many people compare it to RAGBRAI, only with tractors.  This year, 470 tractors, along with more than 300 support people will take part in the ride, based out of the Waterloo National Cattle Congress . 


            This event is a wonderful opportunity for tractor collectors and enthusiasts to celebrate their hobby and farm heritage together.  What better place than the state of Iowa to do this—there truly is no other opportunity like this in the world!


            I'll be on hand with my fiddle in Waterloo  on Sunday, June 8th.  That night, the 470 tractor drivers, along with their support  team’s register, greet friends and neighbors, attend the Driver’s Meeting, have dinner and review the many safety rules that govern Tractorcade.


            On Monday, June 9th, the tractors will roll out of Waterloo, and travel through Denver, Waverly and Janesville before returning to the Cattle Congress.  Day two, the parade of tractors will leave the Cattle Congress in the morning, and pass through the John Deere Plant, Dike, New Hartford and Rotary Reserve and then head back to the Cattle Congress.  The final day of driving will take Tractorcade 2014 on a loop from the Cattle Congress to the Black Hawk County Park and then back to the Cattle Congress for lunch and wrap up ceremony.


            For additional information and a map of this year’s ride, log on to the WMT website at and follow the links to the Tractorcade.  Or contact  WMT at (319)395-0530.