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This is a great way to de-stress! You just might need it!

  • A new survey says Summer is more of a stressful time.
  • Sleep issues prevail here.
  • We tell you how to get yours (sleep, that is).

A third of Americans say they're more stressed out during the Summer months than any other season of the year.  That's according to a survey conducted by SleepRate, a service that helps you sleep better and improve your health.

NBC News reports that several factors are involved.  We have busier social lives at this time of year, with as many as three events per week.  Planning trips isn't fun, either.  Plus, kids are out of school, which puts all kinds of new scheduling pressure on parents.

Uli Gal Oz, CEO of SleepRate, says, "People associate summer with recuperating and having more time on their hands, but because the days are longer, people try to do more and sleep less,” What to do?  The experts agree: Set a specific time to wake up every morning, even on weekends.  This gives your body - and mind - a consistent schedule, which in turn helps you manage things throughout the day.