Are you feeling discouraged? It seems like there is so much tragedy in the world with the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the explosion in Texas, even flooding in Iowa. Sometimes it's just a helpless feeling. I think that the only way we can get past this is by having hope and trying to spread kindness, love and appreciation to those around us. I think that terrorists would like us to be defeated by their hatred and senseless actions. There are so many things in this world that can bring us joy. Try to focus on everything that you are blessed with in this life. There are so many simple joys in everyday life. I am richly blessed in my life. My life isn't perfect, I just choose to be happy despite the imperfections. I'm not saying to ignore your feelings of sadness, I'd never say that - I am grieving just like the rest of America, I'm saying don't let these horrible actions defeat us. We can rise above this! I wish you the best!