Only Taylor Swift can turn an injury into an opportunity to make up a new word!

The international country star took to Instagram to respond to a fan’s worry over recent wounds.

“TAYLOR I CARE ABOUT YOU A LOT AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LEG,” the fan captioned a shot of a gnarly scratch on the back of Taylor’s left leg.

The singer, who’s recently taken to responding to fans on the photo sharing app, explained the injury with some new lingo.

“Life happened,” she wrote, before adding, “Of course I’m okay. Surprisingly, these injuries weren’t cat related. They were fun related. Funjuries.”

This example isn’t the first time Taylor has taken fun to a whole new level. After her first trip to London, she adorably coined the term “Fundon” to describe her delightful visit.

Taylor is currently working on new music with an expected release date later this year.