When’s he’s not dancing on stage, Luke Bryan could be found dancing in the check-out aisle of your local shopping mall.

The country megastar tells People magazine he’s the first to admit when it comes to shopping, he can’t hold back.

“Impulse shopping is a quirk of mine,” Luke says. “When I want to buy something, I can’t relax until I buy it. If I see an old farm truck I want on my farm… that’s it, I want it.”

The impulsive shopping quirk isn’t something that’s developed since Luke’s become rich and famous either. He goes on to share the story of the time he dropped major cash on something he really couldn’t afford.

“When I moved to Nashville, I didn’t have much money” he adds, “but I wanted a new guitar and I felt like this one guitar was the one to have, so I dropped, like, two grand on this high-end guitar and it was damn impulsive considering I didn’t have any money.”

Luke takes his That’s My Kind of Night Tour to Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles, on Friday (August 15).