Little Big Town is naming names and numbing pains.

The country quartet has revealed the name of their forthcoming new album is Painkiller, and it could hit your playlists at early as September.

Karen Fairchild of the band tells Rolling Stone Country why LBT decided on Painkiller as the title.

“That song is really kind of tongue-in-cheek — ‘be the person that numbs my pain,’” she says. “We started talking about tying that thread through the whole record, to ease your pain. Don’t we want the whole record to do that for people, anyway? Whether it’s a sad moment, or a song that’s more thoughtful and has a lot more substance in the lyric, we want music to take us away.”

The group’s latest summertime anthem, “Day Drinking,” is the first single from the project.

While no official track listing has been announced, the band has teased songs called “Save Your Sin,” “Turn the Lights On” and “Tumble and Fall” will also be included on the album.

No official release for Painkiller has been announced.