Lucy Hale took to Twitter over the weekend to share her new cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

But the actress turned rising country star tells Cody there’s a fine line between what gets tweeted and what doesn’t.

“I’ve had many times where I’ve written out and I’m like, ‘That is stupid. Do not tweet that. That is too much information. People will read too much into this,’” Lucy says.

Even though her Cosmo cover is a picture of herself, Lucy adds you’ll never see a an true selfie on her social accounts.

“I think all selfies are slightly uncomfortable,” she says. “People talk how much they’re working out. Nobody cares! Like, no one cares. And then when you post pictures of you working out, it’s just double kill. Those are my pet peeves. I do love emojis, though.”

Lucy has nearly 4 million Twitter followers. Follow her @LucyHale.

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