Keith Urban took the wheel – literally – when American Idol came to Nashville!

The country judge took the rest of the gang on a cruise through Music City, as evidenced in a photo posted by Harry Connick, Jr. on Instagram.

On day two of Nashville auditions, Cody checked with the judges and got the scoop on the joyride direct from Keith.

“Well, we’re in Nashville, so we threw ‘em into the F-250 – super duty and off we went,” he said. “I wish we could have gone further. I was thinking about just actually going… Not coming here… Go out to Loveless [Café] or something… Just go for a bit of a trip.”

Harry and Keith’s female counterpart Jennifer Lopez also took in the sights and sounds of Nashville, but the sounds in particular have caught her ear.

“I love country music. I’m so drawn to it because of the stories,” J Lo tells Cody. “At the end of the day, I’m a story teller. That’s what I do as an actress and a performer. The best stories are in country music.”

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