These days Dierks Bentley may just be the busiest man in country music, but he still found time to call CMT with a brotherly reminder.

The country megastar and personal friend to Cody dials After MidNite tonight and reveals why he gets jealous reading the host’s tweets.

“We’re so busy. Your career’s rocking so hard. I’ve been on the road nonstop. The only way I feel like I keep up with you is through your tweets,” Dierks tells Cody. “I get a little jealous from time to time, though, by the way. I see you guys on there and you’ve got so and so on there, and you’re kind of bro-ing up on there a little bit.”

Adds the “Drunk On a Plane” singer, “Don’t forget… Even though we haven’t talked in a while… Don’t forget who your No. 1 bro is. Don’t forget your first interview here in town. Don’t forget all the days back in Dallas.”

Cody and Dierks met back in the Big D in 2003 when Dierks dropped his first single “What Was I Thinking.”

When CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan launched nationwide in 2009, Dierks dropped in as Cody’s first guest.

Hear Cody and Dierks’ latest chat tonight on CMT After MidNite.