Carrie Underwood was more than just a pretty face in her new video for “Somethin’ Bad” with Miranda Lambert.

The clip’s director, the renowned Trey Fanjoy, tells CMT that Carrie actually wrote a treatment for the video.

“Carrie had all these amazing ideas,” she says. “She wrote her own treatment, and it was the first time she’d done that. Her initial treatment -- with photos -- was 11 pages of ideas. And my job as a director was just to interpret and filter those ideas to fit it in the 2:49 minutes we had. Carrie had so much great imagery for me to look at. She threw her whole heart into this.”

Among the concepts which were suggestions from Carrie include the video’s high-stakes poker game, the motorcycles, the explosion, the helicopter scene and the reappearing mug shot.

“Those all came from Carrie,” Trey says.