Blake Shelton loves a fun party song as much as the next guy.

But BS is trading in the bro-country mentality for a grittier album of songs with his next release.

He explains to Rolling Stone why he decided to name this album Bringing Back the Sunshine.

“It’s the only way to be a little more political about where we are in country music,” he says, “and I’m as guilty of it as anybody. We’re pushing boundaries… and pushing ‘em and pushing ‘em. And to me, with that title, it’s like I’m bringing back some country into this thing.”

The album, whose first single is the break-up ditty “Neon Light,” will find Blake, in his words, singing to his brokenhearted fans, ones who had a bad day at work or just got stabbed in the back.

Bringing Back the Sunshine drops Sept. 30.