(Yahoo!) - Women around the world have long found Johnny Depp to be one of the yummiest celebs in Hollywood. But now, the 50-year-old star is figuratively speaking, edible!

Lara Clarke of Brownshill, West Midlands, in England baked a cake of Johnny's "Pirates of the Caribbean" character, Captain Jack Sparrow, that is 5 feet 5 inches tall! Clarke spoke to the BBC about the intricate dessert, explaining that the cake is "just shy of life-size" because she was "worried we wouldn't be able to get him out of the door."

Clarke created the masterpiece to enter in the Cake International competition in Birmingham. "One of my friends was on the phone and said I should enter Cake International," Clarke told the BBC. "I was watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ... I thought [Depp] would make the perfect cake."

And the pastry was a labor of love. "It took me 90 hours to make," Clarke revealed. The cake is made of "crisped rice and marshmallows" and was decorated with royal icing and fondant as well as edible paint. The Depp replica was constructed around PVC pipes and stainless steel supports, and the baker admits it's not really meant to be eaten. "The cake is designed to be looked at, rather than eaten," she admitted. "I started it in September, so it's probably past its best."

Check out the vid to see some of Clarke's other edible celebrity creations: