Hello, my name is Shelbey Allender. My husband and I have been following the Smokin' Guns Band since
the end of 2008. My husband and I really enjoy their music and their company during the breaks. The Smokin'
Guns band isn't just a regular band that we go listen to, but they all are just like my family! We treat them as
our family as they do the same for us! Our anniversary that was in August of 2011, Derrick, the lead singer,
had done me a huge favor. Derrick had learned our anniversary song by Lonestar and sang it for me! Derrick did
a wonderful job! Sounded Great!!! I would absolutely strongly recommend the Smokin' Guns band to anyone! They are
WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait to see them again possibly in March! Thank you So very much Smokin' Guns Band for
doing such a wonderful job! We Love all of you and hope to see you again soon!

Smokin' Guns is comprised of:

Buddy Aschbrenner: Lead Guitar/ Harmony Vocals

Jim Tate: Drummer / Harmony Vocals

Terry Kasuboski: Bass Guitar

Derrick Patterson: Acoustic Rhythm and Lead Vocals

To see where we are playing go to www.iowasmokinguns.com or like us on Facebook.