Dennis Wayne Gang

The Dennis Wayne Gang is based out of Waterloo, Iowa with Members from suburban communities of Cedar Falls, Evansdale, Grundy Center and Elk Run Heights. The band is a 4-piece band with a 5th member who is 14 yrs. old & features each show.

Lead singer and guitar player Dennis Wayne Halverson, one of the founders of the band, is the front man.  Co-founder, Michael Linsey is the career drummer playing with the likes of Psychotic Symphony & $9 Mellon baller who over 3 years toured from coast to coast working with MTV, ESPN, and Jagermeister.  Featured on lead guitar is Elvin Johnson, one of the Midwest’s premier guitar players as recognized by his fellow musicians as well as Top Martial Artist teacher. There are scores of local musicians who identify with Elvin’s career as a musician.  Bass line strength is brought to the table by Brandon Mills who plays additionally with the likes of Damon Dotson. Savannah Jane DeGroote is the 5th member and sings in DWG and another adult band called Eleventh Hour. She has performed over 150 times live & has over 7500 fans in 27 countries and she is 14 years old.

Dennis Halverson- Lead Vocals

Elvin Johnson – Lead Guitar

Mike Linsey – Drums

Brandon Mills – Bass

Savannah Jane DeGroote – Guest Vocals


Check out the Website for Information and Upcoming Gigs HERE!