“Danika Holmes is a rising star in the heartland!” says Bill Sullivan of The Rock and Roll Report.  American Picker Mike Wolfe of The History Channel says, “She’s a true American talent… I couldn’t stop listening!”  Music critics agree that Danika is charming and energetic with a welcoming tone in her voice which is as gentle as a breeze. 

Holmes played over 120 shows around the US and UK in 2011 and will take the stage for another 160 shows in 2012.  At shows fans tell her how they can relate to her lyrics, which is exactly what she is hoping for.  “At first that was really scary for me.  I felt like I was standing on stage and unzipping my soul!”  

“Second Chances,” Danika’s debut album, was released in March of 2010.  The title track is a reflection of Danika’s dogmatic belief that everyone benefits from a second chance, or even a third, along life’s way.  Starting over with a music career was her second chance in life.  A fan favorite “Lock Me In Tonight” was made into Danika’s first music video and was released in June 2010. 

Danika’s follow up album “Living Your Dream” was recorded in Nashville, TN, and drops in early 2012.  This collection of songs offers an optimistic take on life.  While Danika’s debut album leaned more towards the folk scene, she takes it to the next level by adding in an edgy rock vibe complete with horns; a bold move for this singer/songwriter from Iowa. Holmes will be promoting her album via a national tour in March of 2012 and a European tour in June 2012.

Uniquely, "Living Your Dream" was fan funded in its entirety.  When Danika's fans began asking to hear her new music, she accepted the challenge by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the recording of the album.  A rave response came in from over 150 backers around the world! Danika tweeted, "I'm grateful to everyone who took a few minutes out of their busy lives to pledge to our album project.  Hugs to you all!"  Fans who contributed to Danika’s 2nd album were given pre-release copies and are already declaring it a new favorite.       

While music has always been an important part of Danika’s life, it wasn’t always the main focus.  By the time she was 26 Danika was only a dissertation away from completing her PhD.  “In 2009 I ended up writing an album instead of a dissertation.  Now, I use everything I learned in my graduate studies to run my own business as an independent artist and entertainer, so it was time well spent!”  Once she made the decision to pursue music full time, she realized that as a songwriter, she was the one who could most passionately perform the message of her own songs. 

Danika grew up in a family of five kids.  She says, “I was a little rag-a-muffin who tromped around in hand me down clothes and spent every free minute building projects with my dad or creating something, anything, from fashions to songs and dances.”  Now more than ever, Danika is happy to be creating.  Her passion for music and her life experiences lend the inspiration for her songs that reverberate with hope.  Onstage Danika delivers her tunes with extreme vibrance, both inspiring and entertaining.

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